About Chris "the Kiwi" Ashenden

So named because I come from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. I landed in the USA, got called “the Kiwi” (sometimes just “Kiwi”) and the name stuck. Now for the weird third person part: “Chris Ashenden is about happiness, personal growth, living outside the box, and enjoying a spectacular life. An avid traveler like many Kiwis, and from a family of travelers, he had been to 43 countries before his 13th birthday. Travel bug firmly ingrained, he decided to retire in 2005 to spend 4 years traveling the planet full time and in his own words “explore, have a few adventures, grow, and go wife-hunting”. It didn’t quite work out as planned. Now very much un-retired, with a ton of friends in crazy places, 60 plus countries under the belt, and some amazing memories, (but no wife), he is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people and right now is trying to decide between summering in Medellin, Colombia, or taking his parents to Europe. A former athlete with a passion for contact sports, he eats a lot.

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The Novak Djokovic Training Routine and Fitness Regimen

In Novak Djokovic’s book, Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence he conducts an in depth review of his diet (which I cover here) and provides some insights into the Djokovic training routines he uses to supercharge is mental and physical performance. Djokovic has spent his fair share of time as the number 1 tennis …

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The Novak Djokovic Diet – Gluten Free Tennis Player Nutrition

As a nutritionist,  I recommend following a Paleo Template and placing food QUALITY ahead of all else. As far as elite tennis players go, the Novak Djokovic diet, which is free of gluten, dairy, sugar, preservatives and everything unnatural comes very close with a few minor exceptions that are primarily due to his heavy, 14 hour per day, training schedule. I …