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Tomaz Mencinger resides in Slovenia, Europe and has been a professional tennis coach for over 20 years. He developed his playing skills from the young age by being very active in many different sports like table tennis, basketball and volleyball. This development of broad motor skills helped him progress quickly in the game of tennis once he got hooked up on it. Tomaz has honed his competitive skills by played countless matches participating in various leagues and tournaments while at the same time pursuing his coaching career and gaining all the certification levels in Slovenia that are based on ITF coaching certification. Tomaz started his coaching journey by working with nationally ranked juniors in Slovenia but eventually found himself working with higher levels of players at the ITF level when he worked in a tennis academy in Bangkok, Thailand. Because of his often innovative ideas that he shares online he has often been invited to present at various coaching conferences like the National Coaches Conference in Croatia, USPTA Regional Conference in San Francisco and recently at the US Tennis Congress in Tucson, Arizona. His last bigger project was in Singapore where he was appointed the Technical Director and was the head coach of the elite full time junior team of Singapore in the 2013/2014 season. Tomaz now focuses more on working with passionate adult tennis players and sharing his experiences through his website http://www.feeltennis.net.

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Tennis for Beginners – The Basics of Learning How to Play

Tennis For Beginners – 5 Steps To Consistent Groundstrokes When a tennis beginner starts learning to play tennis, they first need to learn basic forehand and backhand technique as these will allow them to play, enjoy the game and come back for more. The basics of tennis of course also include the serve, volley and the overhead strokes, but these …

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