Contributor FAQs

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor for Optimum Tennis! Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have an additional question that isn’t answered below, please submit a contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Please also review our Terms of Use. In the event of any conflicts between the Terms of Use and the FAQs below, the Terms of Use will be the final word.

What do I get in terms of publicity from Optimum Tennis?

A lot! Optimum Tennis receives over 800K unique visitors per year and we are one of the top 3 tennis instructional sites on the web. When you contribute a post, article, or product you:

  • receive author box that has your name, short description, link to your website and social media profiles (example)
  • get an author page that has your full bio and links to products sold in our store (example)
  • have posts and free offers sent out to our email list
  • can place ‘ads’ in your articles to link to your products or free offers

Do I need to create new content or a course for Optimum Tennis?

No, you can post your existing courses.

How much does this cost? What is the commission structure?

Posting articles and courses is completely free. Optimum Tennis receives a standard 30% commission of all course sales after transaction fees. You do not have to post a course or sell anything in our store to submit an article.

Do my products have to be exclusive to Optimum Tennis?

No, you may continue to sell your products on your site and other sites as long as the list price is not less than the price on Optimum Tennis.

Who owns the content posted?

You do. You retain ownership rights of everything you post on Optimum Tennis. You can withdraw articles and/or products from the site at any time with notice.