How to Play Tennis for Beginners

How to play tennis for beginners are more than just simple tennis tips or advice for players that are looking to play better tennis.

How to play tennis for beginners are more than just simple tennis tips or advice. Players that are looking to play better tennis should take these tennis tips to heart.

how-to-play-tennis-for-beginnerIn learning how to play tennis for beginners, what are the obvious solutions required to play better tennis?

If you’re a tennis fan, you’ve probably heard current world number one Rafael Nadal talk during interviews after his matches.

You might have noticed that, usually, after a difficult match, whether he wins or loses, he always talks about “working hard,” “trying his best” and “improving.”
If the world’s best player can talk about improving, then surely, the rest of us could use a bit of an upgrade for our considerably more pedestrian tennis skills.

Learning How to Play Tennis For Beginners

john-mcenroe-tennisAny one player who has been trying to understand how to play tennis for beginners regularly for a long time has experienced days when they feel like they’ve moved up a level or two. It’s as if all of a sudden, they know how to play better tennis.

A 4.0 player is suddenly trading bullet groundstrokes with a 4.5 or a 5.0 and keeping the scores close. But this kind of thing never lasts for long. Something always happens that brings the reality back to their faces. Still, it should be regarded as an encouraging sign; something that gives a glimpse of one’s potential for improvement.

Besides tennis lessons and being a student of the game, the secret behind how to play tennis for beginners is due diligence. Any tennis enthusiast knows also that in order to play like the best, you must watch the best players. In learning how to play better tennis for beginners, you should watch professional tennis tournaments on TV and most of all, be sure to watch your favorite tennis pros in action.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #1: Work On Your Weaknesses

The most obvious tip for tennis beginners is to do is improving is to work on weaknesses. For example, if your volleys are your worst shots, then you should spend the next few sessions practicing these shots while paying close attention to your flaws in technique or form.

There are also some shots that a player can hit well when confident but keep bungling when things get a little tight. Kim Clijsters’ forehand is an example of this. When she’s playing well and feeling confident, her forehand is one of the strongest among all the women. But when she is not playing well, she rushes. Her technique breaks down and her forehand starts to breed numerous errors.

Kim Clijster's Forehand is Not Always Dependable, Is Your Forehand Like That Too?

Kim Clijster’s Forehand is Not Always Dependable, Is Your Forehand Like That Too?

If you own a shot like this, then you must focus on practicing this shot as well. Focus on technical problems that arise when you get tight. Maybe you are not following through enough or are muscling the ball. It is important to repeat and repeat the proper way to hit the shot until it almost becomes second nature. This is one of the foundations of how to play better tennis.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #2: Make Sure to Practice Your Weaknesses

tennis-weaknessClub players often only want to play sets and matches instead of spending time on court developing new skills, improving weaknesses or perfecting what they have previously begun to learn. Sometimes, they’ll try something new in a match, something they’ve not necessarily practiced yet – and miraculously pull it off! But when you try to make them execute this shot again, they will very rarely be successful. There is no secret to improving a stroke.

In learning how to play tennis for beginners, you simply have to practice it again and again. But corollary to this, another way how to play better tennis is to focus on what you’re doing right.

It is equally important to accentuate the positive! So be sure to incorporate time in your practice sessions for working on the shots that you already hit well. This is the key to developing a truly solid and reliable shot. In any case, an important thing to remember if you want to know how to play better tennis is to go back to the basics.

As beginners, we are first taught to watch the ball at all times. You might be surprised to know that even at the pro level, some unforced errors are committed because the player didn’t keep his eyes on the ball long enough. Of course, they do this far less frequently than the rest of us but still, it just goes to show that no matter how far you improve, sometimes the basic things still get overlooked from time to time. Always remind yourself to watch the ball closely, so closely in fact that you can actually see the ball leave your opponent’s racket all the way right onto your own.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #3: Learn Proper Form and Technique on All Your Tennis Strokes

construct-tennis-pointsThe next basic thing to remember is to keep proper form and mechanics on all strokes. Each stroke has its own specific way of how you take back the racket and swing it through the ball but there are a few things that never change. For one, you must always be in proper balance.

If you are off balance, the chance of you making an errant shot increases. In order to keep this balance, your feet must always be ready to move any way – left, right, forward or backward. For this to happen, your feet must already be moving.

Focus on the pros feet next time you watch tennis on TV. Notice that they keep their feet constantly moving. The best example is Roger Federer.

Wouldn’t we all love to glide around the court as gracefully and seemingly effortlessly as he does? Proper movement is another foundation in learning how to play better tennis.

Anticipation and timing are equally important as well. As you watch the ball, you will be able to discern what kind of shot is coming in at you. You will know if it is a fast shot or a slow shot, long or short, high or low, topspin, flat or sliced. As you move and adjust your feet, your stroke mechanics have to be executed in perfect sync, such that after you make contact, a proper transfer of body weight can be made into the shot.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #4: Tennis Fitness is a Crucial Part of Improving in Tennis

Improving your tennis means more than just developing the right strokes and techniques. A major part of how to play tennis for beginners is to develop better fitness.

2011 Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has always been a super-talented player with a game seemingly devoid of any weakness. However, in the past, he was criticized for being physically fragile.
After optimizing his diet and fitness regimens, he has gone on to dominate the men’s tour, losing only one match so far this year and now stands poised to take over the number one ranking.

Proper Tennis Strokes and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Proper Tennis Strokes and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

While we might not be battling Federer and Nadal for tennis supremacy, we can learn from Novak by doing what it takes to keep our bodies fitter and better conditioned than before.

If weight is the problem and movement is suffering because of it, then take steps to lose some of that weight. If lack of strength is the issue, then start pumping iron in the gym. But be sure to have the right supervision for weight training because any mistake might result to injuries that may even hamper your ability to play tennis.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #5: Learn to Construct Points

There are a few players who can hit most shots well enough but can’t seem to construct a point in order to win. How do you play better tennis if that’s the case? Do specific drills. For example, if you can hit a good deep groundstroke, can run pretty quickly and punch quality volleys, then you should automatically be good at playing an attacking game, right? But what if you can’t put those three skills together well enough to win a point?

If you want to be a tennis champion, you have to think like a champion

If you want to be a tennis champion, you have to think like a champion

Maybe you are tentative with your first step after your approach shot such that it leaves you stranded at the service line instead of closer to the net to hit a volley. Practicing specific drills for approaching and volleying will help immensely. It will smoothen out your transition from the baseline to the net. You will later find that you can now put together a nice combination of shots for winning the point.

How to Play Tennis For Beginners Tip #6: Developing Mental Toughness in Tennis

develop-mental-toughness-tennisAnother thing to remember if you want to know how to play better tennis is to develop mental toughness. This is all related to your ability to focus and concentrate.

How many times have we played against a player that, by his very presence on court, seems to bring out the worst in us? It could be because we know he can hit shots that we absolutely hate or he’s just plain frustrating to play against because he gets everything back, even our best shots. It doesn’t matter. We only have to deal with the ball and not him per se.

Focus only on what you can control, which is the ball. If he hits shots that are too difficult for you to handle, then that only means that you have that much more practice to improve.

Let’s admit it: sometimes, when we are playing, we fantasize that we are our idols. Sometimes we get wrapped up in this fantasy that it almost becomes real to us. We forget that we are only playing for fun and not for any kind of prize money. We get mad and stressed out, when playing tennis is supposed to release us from our everyday stress.

When you find yourself getting hot and bothered on court, take a moment to remember, that, yes indeed, this is just a game. You are not a pro, and while you should be copying many of the things that make a pro so good in order for you to improve, you should stop yourself when things get too far. Enjoy the game. You’re getting to learn how to play better tennis – and that’s a very good thing!

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March 3, 2015