Discover How You Can Immediate Improve Your Forehand, Backhand and Serve

Optimum Tennis eBooks show you how to develop tennis strokes like the pros. Learn how to improve your technique with step-by-step stroke analysis of top pros like Federer, Nadal and Sharapova. 

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Optimum Tennis eBook   

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Learn the unique comonalities of pro forehands, backhands and serves in this 65 page guide!

  • Learn how to apply these unique technical principles of world class tennis strokes.
  • Increase the power, topspin and depth of your key groundstrokes and serve.
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Tennis Serve Unleashed   

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Improve your serve with lessons from research of slo-mo video of pro serves in this 55 page in-depth guide!

  • Based on hundreds of hours of research on the serve motions of the top professional players on tour.
  • The techniques taught in this eBook will enable you to transform your serve by identifying the weaknesses in your current form.
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Modern Forehand Unlocked   

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Learn to hit forehand like the pros with the 7 phases of forehand technique in this massive 100 page guide!

  • Develope a modern tennis forehand by following these simple steps that every player can learn regardless of your current level.
  • Stop wasting time with trial and error to improve your forehand and uncover the slight changes that will make the difference.
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee   

All purchases from Optimum Tennis come with a risk free satisfaction guarantee!

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These eBooks are one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to improve your tennis game. They contain the methodologies of the most powerful tennis techniques that will help you take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.


Detailed Tennis Instruction

Our eBooks contain detailed tennis instruction for every stroke starting from the preparation, all the way to the follow through. We include precise technical instruction and the key positions on every part of the swing needed to achieve a world class stroke.


High Definition Photos

Get frame-by-frame analysis of pro players performing the strokes for an accurate visual of the correct technique every step of the way. The lessons inside these instructional ebooks are a product of thousands of hours of study of top professional tennis players.


Analysis of Pro Players

Our teaching system is based on research and studying the techniques of top pros like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova. It is a system for players at all levels aspiring to improve their forehand, backhand and serve technique. 


Eliminate Frustrating Trial and Error

Stop ingraining the wrong repetitions into your muscle memory. If your technique is flawed, no amount of trial and error practice will enable you to achieve winning results. We assist with breaking through your plateau by identifying common flaws in your strokes.


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