The Kids Tennis Video Vault

Drills Course length: 03:55
Caleb runs Tennis Drills HQ, the web's largest resource for free tennis drills & exercises. He is a certified Advanced Tennis Coach from Sydney, Australia.

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The Key to Rapid Improvement, Fun & Success For Kids

Access our Vault of 60 Premium High-Definition KIDS Tennis Drills & Create Breakthrough Training Sessions…For Both Coaches & Parents

Kids Tennis can be very challenging. Not only do you have to be fun and engaging, but you need to have KID-SPECIFIC drills to help them improve.

A drill that is too hard will leave them frustrated and confused. A drill that is too easy will have them bored and unfocused.

Our drills are battle-tested and proven to be fun, engaging and supportive of the development of the kids, from the ages of 3-15.

These drills are great for both COACHES AND PARENTS looking to coach a kid in a private setting or in a group coaching environment.

It’s important to coach kids in the right foundations from a young age, so that as they grow up they’ll have the right technique that will benefit them for years to come.

Even more importantly creating a desire for tennis is essential, which you’ll have with our fun and engaging tennis drills and games.

With 70% of kids dropping off from tennis by the age of 13 it’s critical that we create an environment of fun for children every time they step out on the tennis court. With our kids drills and games this is all possible.

Special Bonus:

Ever wanted to know the path to take a kid’s tennis game from a COMPLETE beginner all the way up to an advanced level?

Do you want to know what drills and progressions will be best to SPEED UP a kid’s development for each specific shot?

Our progression lessons are the answer to this. We have lessons for improving forehands, backhands, volleys and serves, all with unique and creative drills that will see rapid improvements.

We don’t stop short on quality with a combined total of over an hour and a half of video lesson time which showcases over 70 first-class drills and progressions ideal for coaches, parents and players.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are that confident that you’ll love your purchase of The Kids Tennis Video Vault, that if for any reason you are not happy within 30 days of purchase, we will happily return your money. Just send us an email, it’s that easy!

That’s our 100% guarantee!

Note: due to legal and privacy issues, the kids’ drills are filmed with adults. However, all these drills have been used extensively and successfully in kids’ tennis lessons.


Beginner - Intermediate Kids Drills & Games

  • Dodge The Dragonballs00:02
  • Tunnel Chase00:02
  • Ball Pickup00:04
  • Racquet Skills Level Challenge00:02
  • Bounce From Above00:02
  • Bounce Chase Catch00:02
  • Simon Says00:02
  • Bonus Levels00:03
  • First to Five00:01
  • Mr Worldwide00:02
  • Throw Tennis00:03
  • Pacman00:02
  • First to the Baseline00:03
  • Kid's Serve Progression00:03
  • Escalator Ride00:01
  • Rob The Nest00:02
  • Big Ball Tennis00:01
  • Cone Catch & Hit00:02
  • Cone Hit00:02
  • Relay Race00:02
  • Hit & Catch00:01
  • Egg to Nest Tennis Race00:03
  • Scoop Tennis00:03
  • Empty The Nest00:03
  • Dragons vs Monsters00:02
  • Asteroids00:02
  • Shot & Bounce Selection00:02
  • Hungry Crocodile00:01
  • Leopard Spots00:02
  • Catch Your Way Back In00:01
  • Super Team Challenge00:02
  • Lonely Islands00:02
  • The Line Game00:02
  • Ball Throw & Serves00:02
  • Fruit Salad00:02
  • Fireball00:02
  • Tag Team Tennis00:02
  • Centipede00:02
  • Eagle Wings00:03
  • Lava Balls00:02

Advanced Kids Drills & Games

  • Pursuit00:02
  • Fence Drill00:02
  • Cyclone00:01
  • Catch Your Way Back In00:01
  • On The Run00:03
  • Vennis00:03
  • Stick or Switch00:02
  • Serves in a Row00:02
  • Serve Return Rally00:02
  • Ace High00:02
  • Two Points Up and Back00:02
  • First to a Hundred00:03
  • Community00:01
  • 5 Ball Target Challenge00:03
  • Joker Tennis00:03
  • Killer00:02
  • Ping Pong00:01
  • The Mole00:02
  • Team Catch00:02
  • Stout's Serves00:03
  • Throw Hit and Catch00:02

Bonus Progression Drills

  • Forehand Progression Lesson & Drills00:32
  • Backhand Progression Lesson & Drills00:37
  • Serve Progression Lesson & Drills00:23
  • Volley Progression Lesson & Drills00:15

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