Modern Tennis Blueprint

How to Play Course length: 15:07
Head coach at Vale de Lobo Tennis Academy in Portugal. Career high ITF senior world ranking of 77. Has hit with John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg, Goran Ivanisevic and others.

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Coach Eurico Correia is a former ATP professional tennis player and current ITF senior tour player who has reached a career high ranking of 77 in the world on the ITF senior tour. He is also a ITF National tennis champion in Portugal and regularly competes in ITF senior events. As a coach, he brings along a lifetime of knowledge both as a player and head coach to top junior players in Portugal.

Most club and recreational players are NEVER taught these hidden secrets behind world class tennis technique… The reason is because these technical secrets are usually only taught to high level junior players, college players and aspiring pros at the world’s top tennis academies. Think Saddlebrook, Bollettieri, Saviano, Rick Macci… The list goes on and on.

The Video Course contains hours upon hours of elite tennis instruction taught by Coach Eurico. We’ve divided the course into 10 modules, each specializing in teaching you a specific stroke in tennis.

This way, by graduation of this course – you’ll learn how to DOMINATE your opponents on the tennis court…

  • Module 1: The Modern Forehand (3+ Hrs)- Learn How to Hit a Modern Forehand like the Pros. In this module, you’ll learn the technique behind Federer, Nadal and Djokovic’s forehand
  • Module 2: One Handed Backhand (2+ Hrs) - Master your one hander with Coach Eurico Correia’s vast knowledge of the one handed backhand of today’s top tennis pros. Using slow motion, I explain every technical detail so you’ll have a crystal clear idea of how to improve your one hander.
  • Module 3: Two Handed Backhand (2+ Hrs) - This module will teach every two handed player the essentials of the stroke starting from the preparation to the followthru… Discover the bio-mechanical key positions of the two hander you need to take your tennis game to the next level…
  • Module 4: Developing a World Class Tennis Serve (3+ Hrs) - In this module, you’ll learn the hidden secrets behind the best servers in the world using both slow motion video and high performance drills usually only taught to aspiring juniors or college players…
  • Module 5: World Class Net Game (2.5 Hrs) - Never Be Afraid of the Net Again… In this module, Coach Eurico teaches the key elements of the forehand & backhand volley as well as the mechanics involving the racket technique and footwork required for world class volley.
  • Module 6: Specialty Shots (1.5 Hrs) – This module will teach you how you can develop a better overhead, swinging volley, overhead, drop shot & much more.
  • Module 7: Offense & Defensive Shots (1.5 Hrs) - Using an ITF player and a series of high performance tennis drills, Coach Eurico explains how you can develop a better approach shot as well as a running forehand & backhand.
  • Module 8: Tennis Strategy (1.5 Hrs) - Learn singles & doubles tennis strategy that you can apply to your game to immediately win more tennis matches. Discover high percentage plays that will leave your opponents wondering what happened after you breeze right by them…
  • Module 9: Tennis Footwork & Movement (1 Hr) - Learn the footwork patterns for every point situation in tennis. Find out how to be more efficient on the tennis court with your first step reaction. We teach the drop step, split step, offensive & defensive footwork situations as well as when you are on the run & MUCH MORE!
  • Module 10: Tennis Fitness (30 min) - This module shows you the exact drills that high level players use in their daily training routine to gain an edge over their opponents. Drills include on and off court exercises designed to maximize your tennis performance…


Here’s What You’ll Learn in Our Comprehensive Video Course…

Crystal Clear Tennis Instructional Videos Covering the Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volleys, Overheads & Slice

A Lifetime Knowledge of Instruction - Professional Coach Eurico Corrieja and Optimum Tennis have teamed up to produce one of the tennis world’s most comprehensive instructional video series available online

Key Bio-Mechanical Body Positions - We’ll show you the EXACT key positions you need in order to tap into the power potential behind your forehand, backhand and serve.

Learn Modern Tennis Techniques - All of our teachings represent how the top PROS, division 1 college players and high levels junior players are hitting their shots. You won’t find any old school methologies here that will hold you back…

Develop the Modern Forehand - We’ll teach you EXACTLY what you need to do, STEP BY STEP in order to achieve a more powerful and accurate forehand shot.

Instruction from the Preparation to the Followthrough - We don’t skip any steps when teaching the stroke. We show you exactly how you need to use the body and racket during the key phases of your swing.

Hours of Powerful Video Instruction - Our video lessons all together includes 15 hours of tennis instruction focusing on the exact technical positions and footwork patterns you need in order to play better tennis.

How the Modern Tennis Blueprint will Improve Your Game

Hidden Secrets of High Level Tennis Technique - Very few players at the club level are aware that there exists a whole new dimension to high level tennis strokes. Coach Eurico and I will be breaking down each step of every tennis stroke in the game, allowing you to understand the core principles behind world class technique regardless of your current age, skill level or situation in tennis.

Hit with More Power, Topspin & Accuracy- Today’s modern forehand is much different than forehands of the past. We will teach you modern tennis forehand mechanics that will have you upgrading your old forehand shot into a WEAPON.

Hit KILLER forehands - If you are frustrated with your current forehand, look no further… Coach Eurico and I will show you the elements that make up a high level forehand. By watching the forehand module, you’ll discover what it takes to develop a KILLER forehand that will allow you to win more matches…

Take Your Tennis Serve to the Next Level - In the serve module, you’ll learn key positions like the trophy position, back arch as well as the EXACT racket positions you need at certain points in the swing to maximize your power…

Mechanics of the Volley - Whether you struggle with your approach or your net game, you need solid volley technique. Using cool live ball drills, Eurico and I will combine slow motion video with these drills so you can have a clear snapshot image of how to ingrain better racket and footwork mechanics to your volley.

Improve Your Footwork - Most players struggle with their movement simply because they haven’t learned efficient movement patterns. I’ll show you the EXACT footwork patterns that top pros like Federer use to move like a quick cat on a tennis court.

Maximize Your Fitness - Fitness in tennis is much different than simply going to the gym or jogging around the block. Coach Eurico and I will show you tennis specific exercises you can perform on the tennis court so you can achieve fitness levels way above your peers at your local tennis center.

Learn High Percentage Tennis Strategy (Singles & Doubles)- Coach Eurico will teach you both singles & doubles strategy as well as some key high percentage plays that will have you winning more points in an effortless manner.

Master Your Speciality Shots - Whether you struggle with your overhead, drop shot, slice or swinging volley, there is a lesson for you in our huge archive of tennis video lessons specifically designed for every tennis player at any level of play.


The Forehand

  • The Modern Tennis Forehand Overview00:23
  • Roger Federer's Forehand Technique00:25
  • Heavy Topspin Forehand Technique00:26
  • Inside Out Forehand00:32
  • Secrets Behind Rafael Nadal's Topspin Forehand00:29

The Two Handed Backhand

  • Secrets of a World Class Two Handed Backhand00:24
  • Learning Rafael Nadal's & Novak Djokovic's Backhand00:30
  • The Tennis Backhand Slice00:30

The One Handed Backhand

  • Learn the Modern One Handed Backhand00:25
  • Roger Federer's Backhand00:31
  • Tennis Backhand Slice00:31

The Serve and Variations

  • Learn World Class Serve Technique00:25
  • Roger Federer's Serve00:31
  • Tennis Serve Strategy & Spin Variations00:31
  • Tennis Serve Techniques00:32
  • The Tennis Kick Serve00:26

The Net Game & Volleys

  • Forehand & Backhand Volley Technique00:30
  • Pro Volley Technique & Drills00:24
  • Tennis Overhead Technique00:19
  • Tennis Serve & Volley00:32
  • Tennis Swinging Volley00:29

Specialty Shots

  • Tennis Drop Shot Technique00:22
  • Tennis Lob Shot00:30
  • Tennis Return of Serve00:28

Offensive & Defensive Shots

  • Forehand & Backhand Approach Shot Technique00:29
  • Running Forehand & Backhand Technique00:29

Singles & Doubles Strategy

  • Key Concepts of Tennis Strategy00:28
  • Tennis Doubles Strategy00:32
  • Advanced Singles Strategies00:30

Footwork & Movement

  • Tennis Baseline Drills & Movement00:31
  • Tennis Footwork & Movement00:29

Fitness & Training

  • Tennis Fitness Exercises for Maximum Performance00:34

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