Pro Technique Analysis in Slow Motion

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We’ve produced a 1.5 hour video analysis series  covering forehand, backhand and serve strokes using slow motion videos of the PROS to help teach you the EXACT key body and racket positions you need in order to hit a better shot.

Most club and recreational players are NEVER taught these hidden secrets behind world class tennis technique… The reason is because these technical secrets are usually only taught to high level junior players, college players and aspiring pros at the world’s top tennis academies. Think Saddlebrook, Bollettieri, Saviano, Rick Macci… The list goes on and on.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Our Comprehensive Video Course…

Key Bio-Mechanical Body Positions - We’ll show you the EXACT key positions you need in order to tap into the power potential behind your forehand, backhand and serve.

Instruction from the Preparation to the Followthrough - We don’t skip any steps when teaching the stroke. We show you exactly how you need to use the body and racket during the key phases of your swing.

Video Lessons Using Super Slow Motion Footage of the Pros - Using our strong technical knowledge of world class tennis strokes, we’ll show you exactly how today’s pros are hitting their shots, teaching you all of this in super slow motion so you can get an accurate visual picture of what you need in order to improve YOUR tennis stroke!

How the Course Will Improve Your Game

Hidden Secrets of High Level Tennis Technique - Very few players at the club level are aware that there exists a whole new dimension to high level tennis strokes. Coach Eurico and I will be breaking down each step of every tennis stroke in the game, allowing you to understand the core principles behind world class technique regardless of your current age, skill level or situation in tennis.

Hit with More Power, Topspin & Accuracy- Today’s modern forehand is much different than forehands of the past. We will teach you modern tennis forehand mechanics that will have you upgrading your old forehand shot into a WEAPON.

Discover the Modern Game - There are unique key body positions in tennis that are rarely taught to players outside of the pro level. Using my slow motion analysis, I’ll show you an easy analogy to learn how to play like the pros without going through trial and error….

Hit KILLER forehands - If you are frustrated with your current forehand, look no further… Coach Eurico and I will show you the elements that make up a high level forehand. By watching the forehand module, you’ll discover what it takes to develop a KILLER forehand that will allow you to win more matches…

Take Your Tennis Serve to the Next Level - In the serve module, you’ll learn key positions like the trophy position, back arch as well as the EXACT racket positions you need at certain points in the swing to maximize your power…

Hit World Class Backhands - Whether you hit a one handed or two handed backhand, I’ll show you distinct key elements that are NOT visible to the human eye, but elements that are present in every top pro player that I’ve analyzed in my decade long study of the pros. These elements will have you hitting with more power, but in a remarkably effortlessly manner.


The Forehand

  • Forehand Slow Motion Video Analysis00:33

The Two Handed Backhand

  • Two Handed Backhanded Slow Motion Video Analysis00:21

The One Handed Backhand

  • One Handed Backhand Slow Motion Video Analysis00:14

The Serve and Variations

  • Serve Slow Motion Video Analysis00:24

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February 25, 2020

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