Play Out of Your Mind Package (Adults)

Mental Tennis Course length: 02:20
Jeff is a sport psychologist, best-selling author and two-time ITF world champion. He was ranked by the ITF as number 1 in the world in men’s 35′s and number 1 in the U.S in singles and doubles.

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Start Winning Matches & Playing Your Best Tennis Under Pressure… With This Proven Two-Hour Mental Cure

Two-Time ITF World-Champion, Jeff Greenwald’s two-hour mp3 audio program Play Out Of Your Mind: The Mental Game Changer will transform your game so you can play your absolute best tennis in matches and under pressure!


Jeff’s 40 page Peak Performance Guide and Quick Start Guide are also included to help you deepen your learning on a daily basis on and off the court! They include:

-On and off-court exercises that will train you to be more focused, loose with the right intensity at the same time.

-Common “mental traps” and strategies to create more confidence in specific pressure situations.

-Personalized visualization scripts to record for your pre-match mental preparation.

-Focusing guideline to develop powerful between point routines.

-Unique relaxation exercises to help you feel calmer and more present from point to point.

And much more!


You will win a ton of matches by executing all of the hard-earned skills you developed in practice!

This program is extremely practical with exercises, visualizations, and pre-match routines designed to help you immediately apply your new skills in your next match.

Of course we recommend listening to it multiple times until it becomes a part of you.

But you will feel a difference in your next match after listening to this 2 hour audio program the very first time.

The program was designed specifically for the adult league player and competitive junior player but it will work for anybody that struggles to play up to their potential in matches!

Discover the proven fearless performance dial system Jeff Greenwald developed to help you play great Tennis under pressure.

After many years of research Jeff figured out that your optimal performance in matches really comes from 3 things:

Optimal Looseness + Task-Focus + Optimal Intensity = Your Optimal Performance

The best tennis players in the world are loose and intense at the same time. If you combine that with a good task-focus, then you will get to your optimal performance under pressure!

So the key is to adjust the 3 dials to the optimal level and Jeff found a simple way to do that!

Through endless research and experimentation Jeff has come up with practical exercises that will get you to dial into your optimal state in a short period of time!

But there is more to the program …

In this Audio Program You Will …

Finally Apply All The Technical Skills You Practiced When It Matters

Learn how to adjust your “state” so you can effectively integrate technical changes in matches. You will be able to translate key tips from training at the right time without over thinking and learn to “clean up” your errors immediately.

Play Your Best Tennis Under Pressure In Important Matches

Replace your tight, tentative game with loose, fluid strokes even when the pressure is on. You will be able to focus on things other than the score and be able to drop into a looser state that will help you play the best tennis of your life when it counts!

Win The Matches That You Know You Can Win

Learn how to finally let go of expectations so you can win the matches you know you are capable of winning.

Program Content

Part 1

  • The Optimal Performance Keys
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety
  • The Focus Dial
  • Creating Optimal Focus
  • The Centering Exercise
  • Managing the “Big” Distractions
  • Installing An Inner Remote Control
  • Prepare Like The Pros
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

Part 2

  • The Loose Dial
  • Loose/Tight Visualization
  • Applying the Loose Dial
  • Action Steps for Optimal Looseness
  • Creating your Ideal Intensity
  • Intensity Between Points
  • Playing with Intention
  • Making Successful Adjustments
  • Creating World-Class Doubles Chemistry

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Audio Program

"The results have been miraculous. I am enjoying myself more on the court and playing better tennis, but I now have a framework to gauge each performance and create a plan to improve the next time I play. This has been a great journey for me and I would encourage every tennis player of any level to follow this process to improve their experience on the tennis court!"

 - Paul Peterson, 5.0 Player

"I’ve invested thousands of dollars in lessons to improve the technical aspects of my tennis performance – a better topspin forehand, a slice backhand, a good kick serve, etc… But the single best investment I’ve made to date– by far– has been Jeff’s mental training program. Jeff builds on the concepts in the classic "The Inner Game of Tennis" with rich new insights and real-world examples that can help any player with a history of underperforming– or falling apart– in high-pressure competitive situations. Most importantly, Jeff offers practical tools that players can choose from to find out what works best for them. For me, Jeff’s advice has been a game-changer in breaking through old mental patterns and unleashing breakthrough performance."

  - P.J. Simmons, 4.0 Player

"Rather than trying to will myself into a better mental state (somehow, commanding myself to relax never seemed to do it), I use Jeff Greenwald’s 3-dial concept. I’ve found them easy to incorporate into my game. I’m experiencing a lot more freedom on the court, emotionally and physically. I’m getting to more balls and making more clutch shots, like pick-up volleys, that I wasn’t hitting before. All because Jeff Greenwald has taught me how to slip the grasp of fear and self-recrimination – what I call Tennis Hate – and get present in the sport that I truly love."

  - Amy Eddings, Mental Tennis Blogger at

"I used to bring that miserable "fight-or-flight" response into every match. There were times when I questioned why I put myself through it. Jeff’s "3-dials" and "windshield wiper" techniques have given me concrete ways to control my nerves, using them to my advantage. Now I’m a better player, and even more importantly, competitive tennis is something I truly enjoy!"

 - Amy Lundy, 3.5 Player


Play Out of Your Mind Audio Program

  • Part 101:03
  • Part 201:17

Quick Start Guide

  • Quick Start Guide

Peak Performance Guide

  • Peak Performance Guide

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