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Lisa has coached thousands of world class athletes and Olympians on mental toughness, been featured in The New York Times and was captain of Canada's World Championship winning hockey team.

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How to Psyche Yourself Up and DOMINATE Big Events

Welcome to GAME FACE: How to Psyche Yourself Up to DOMINATE Big Events. The purpose of this program is to help you develop an effective psyche up routine so you can achieve unshakable confidence before your events and win!

Here are the five steps in your training.

1. Download the first PDF called “GAME FACE” and print it out. GAME FACE

2. Watch the video. Do the exercises using the GAME FACE PDF document as you go through the video.

3. Download the second PDF called “GAME FACE – Lisa’s Answers” and print it out. This document will give you Lisa’s comments on the exercises you just completed. Read them with care, keeping your own answers in mind. GAME FACE Lisas Answers

4. Use your new GAME FACE routine in practice or training.

5. Once you are comfortable with it, use your new GAME FACE routine in competition. Make careful notes after each competition about what worked and didn’t work for you.

Here’s how to save each document: Click on the link. Once the file opens in Acrobat Reader, you can go to “File” and then “Save As.” Enter the name and location of where you want to save the file in your computer and press Save.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, download it below:

Acrobat Reader

Please review your training instructions carefully. If you have any problems downloading the files or accessing the audio DVD, please feel free to email

Light it up out there,

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown
Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.
Author, The Courage to Win®

Lisa Brown is the founder of the Courage to Win and is considered the world’s leading expert on deep mental toughness for success in career, love, and sport.

She has personally coached over 7,200 achievers to new heights and conducted over 1,300 live seminars on mental toughness across North America.

She has been featured by major media including the New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine, who called the Courage to Win “a straight-forward guide to success, highly recommended.”

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