How to Win a Warm Up

Lesson length: 0:10

Lesson Description

Here is a checklist that will help you win the warm up against your opponent

Newk's Keys to Winning the Warm Up

  • Find out about your opponents game
  • Make sure to hit to both wings forehand and backhand. Take note of what shot they prefer
  • Make sure to evaluate what spins they can and cannot hit
  • Don't forget to check out their footwork
  • Change up the pace some fast and some slow. What do they prefer to deal with?
  • Hit some shots slow and short to see how they move forward.
  • Hit them some low balls as well to see if they can deal with of Federer's favorite tactics
  • Store tendencies in back of your mind and start formulating tactics for the match
  • Check out the volley.
  • Does your opponent have the correct grip?
  • How is the overall volley technique and footwork?
  • Pay special attention to length of backswing and follow through. Note: The bigger the volley movements you are most likely playing someone not very good at the net.
  • Give them low volleys if possible.
  • Make them stretch for a ball or two but don't go overboard on that. You want to be a good sport.
  • Pay attention to how much volley practice they take. If only for a short time, they probably don't plan on spending a lot of time up there, so make changes to their plan.
  • Check out the overhead
  • Do they have the correct grip?
  • Is your opponent making solid contact?
  • How comfortable does the footwork look? Make them move up and back a bit to check this out. Again, be a good sport and don't over do this tactic.
  • How many overheads do they practice? If they don't look comfortable you want to bring them in and lob all day need to worry about fancy passing shots.
  • The Serve
  • Check out the grip. Do they have the continental grip? If so they have the proper grip. If not be ready for weak second serves
  • Check out Spins...Does your opponent have good variety of spins or do they hit the same serve over and over again. This will help you decide if you can move around and cheat.
  • After a couple of rounds they will be ramping up the pace. Try to determine if they have a big serve
  • Most important. Don't forget to focus on your footwork. This will be a huge key to if you start the match off well or not.