Newk On Playing the All Time Greats

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Video credits to Australian Open TV and Stefan Grey youtube channels.

Wimbledon 1969 Final. R Laver vs J Newcombe.Rare video of tennis legends!


Newcombe v Connors: 1975 Australian Open Men's Final Highlights



Newk's Quotables on the Greats

Roy Emerson- Extremely Fit, one of the fittest guys that has ever payed
Rod Laver- Brilliance which everyone could see, excellent tactition
Bjorn Borg- Relentless...extremely hard to win points against
John McEnroe- Great hands talent, excellent serve, didn't need all the antics because he had great talent
Ivan Lendl- Left nothing to chance with his fitness and preparation
Pete Sampras- Great serve...ferocious competitor
Rafael Nadal- Borg like...a guy you are going to have to work like heck to beat