Newk’s Return Strategy

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Lesson Description

Here is a checklist that will help you win against your opponent

  • Start a couple feet back from the baseline to give yourself time to react to the serve.
  • Split and Move forward into the return just before your opponent strikes the ball
  • Avoid too big a split step especially early on when you are really not sure what to expect yet. A big split step forward can take away your time and throw off your balance and rhythm.
  • A good play on into the body serves at the backhand is to side step and have the ball come into the forehand wing.
  • Make your opponent play balls. John says every time you miss a second serve return you should "punch yourself in the face".
  • As the match develops move around on the serve to put doubt in the servers mind. Move back, move up, cheat to the forehand. This will give you different looks at the ball and can have an effect on your opponents confidence level.