Saving Your Best for Last

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Lesson Description

Here is a checklist that will help you win against your opponent

  • Important don't show everything you got too early in a match. However, if you can strike early do it.
  • Keep something up your sleeve you have not shown your opponents for big points. This does not have to be something dramatic, remember Newk says it only takes a little something extra to swing a match. Make sure this something extra is a strength of yours and in your comfort zone. Trying something crazy beyond your capabilities on a Big Point is not a great idea.
  • Plan for a battle. If you can plan for a close match and feel comfortable with a close match, you will not panic when the match gets tight. Expect a battle and have secret weapons you deploy as the match develops.
  • As the match gets tighter and tighter down to the wire this is where you release more and more of your strongest weapons. Weapons don't always equal big shots. Weapons can be things like Serve and Volley, Chip and Charge, Drop Shots, Consistency, Footwork, Hitting High to someone's weak side.
  • Try to save your BIG SERVES for BIG POINTS if you can. If you consider your serve to be a weapon think of yourself as a baseball pitcher. Make sure to mix up locations and speeds. Throw your best stuff when you really need a strike....3-3 in a third set tie-break for example.