The Modern Forehand Unlocked eBook 
Take Your Forehand to the Next Level

Do you wish you could hit a more powerful, accurate and consistent forehand with topspin?  

Is your forehand letting you down during critical moments in tennis matches? 

Are you wondering why you are still struggling with your forehand stroke even though you practice and take many tennis lessons?

Do you want to learn how to hit the forehand the way the pros do? 

Modern Forehand Unlocked will teach you the 7 key phases to transform your forehand. Guaranteed. 

Is It Right for Me?   

Do you need to improve your forehand?

  • You'll gain understanding of what you need to do to get your forehand on the right track so you can learn to hit a forehand like the pros.
  • In the 7 key phases, we explain the powerful secrets of forehand technique that you can use immediately to gain access to hitting a more powerful, aggressive and dominating forehand without the frustrating process of trial and error. Modern Forehand Unlocked is designed for all players whether you are at the club, collegiate or even coach level.
  • Each section of the eBook explains the key positions you need to incorporate into your own forehand technique, starting from the preparation all the way into the completion of the follow through.
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How Our Method Works   

This MASSIVE 100 page tennis eBook is loaded with everything from the preparation of the forehand, to the backswing, forward swing, contact point and the followthrough – with detailed analysis every step of the way.

  • Step-by-Step Breakdowns - The 7 key phases of a world class forehand stroke are reviewed, and in each phase we carefully and deliberately explain the key positions and commonalities you need to ingrain in your own forehand stroke to develop not only a more powerful forehand but an overall better game.
  • Frame-by-Frame Pictures - Lessons inside are supplemented with high definition photos making the instructions crystal clear. We never teach anything that can’t be shown in photos. You’ll see plenty of high quality photos of top pros in action performing their forehands.
  • In-Depth Analysis - We constantly compare our lessons with that of top pros including: Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Mardy Fish, Novak Djkovic, and many more. We demonstrate the exact technical movements and illustrate the strokes of top pros on tour.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee - If it doesn't work for you, no problem, your purchase is risk free. Give it a shot!
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The Modern Tennis Forehand Unlocked eBook is the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date guide on the forehand stroke. Any player that has been wanting to learn how to hit a modern forehand, but has been struggling with the technique must read this eBook.

Using high definition photos of professional tennis players, we make every single part of the modern forehand clear and simple to understand. Along with the written lessons on forehand technique, you will have crystal clear visuals so you can understand the proper techniques.

Don’t spend any more time hoping your forehand will improve. Practice is not enough in today’'s modern game of tennis. You need accurate guidance that will put your game in the right track right now.


Learn the Modern Tennis Forehand

Immediately improve your forehand technique with detailed and concise instruction starting from the preparation phase all the way to the follow through. We will explain the exact technique that the pros utilize to achieve an efficient, powerful and fluid forehand stroke. You’ll be able to clean up your stroke and have the forehand you’ve always wanted.

Improve Your Forehand Technique - No matter what skill level you are, you will learn how you can fix many of the common flaws that most tennis players make in the forehand stroke. 

How to Hit a Modern Forehand - Discover how you can immediately “modernize” your forehand and learn the correct swing pattern to transform your forehand. 


Modern Forehand Preparation

Unit Turn - Learn how the pros begin the forehand backswing and why you need to incorporate this one element into your stroke to create a more fluid and efficient forehand. 

World Class Body Turn - Discover the secrets of achieving a full and complete body turn and coil that will increase the power of your forehand instantly.

Showing Your Left Shoulder to Your Opponent - This visualization will immediately help you gain an instant advantage, not to mention adding power to your swing.

Secrets of Racket Preparation - Discover the biggest secret of the pro forehand and learn how you can develop better racket preparation.

Stances - Learn the optimal stances to use in the modern tennis forehand and the exact reference points you need in order to be in perfect balance on every shot.

Proper Footwork Patterns - Learn the correct way to move on the court and the exact footwork patterns you need to emulate to have efficient and explosive tennis footwork.

Using the Semi Open and Open Stances - Learn how to set up correctly and load off a semi open and open stance in so you are In perfect balance.


Forehand Backswing Technique

Same Side Backswing - This concept is possibly one of the biggest secrets in a pro forehand, but one that is never taught to club players.

Creating a Fluid, Efficient and Natural Backswing - Incorporate these 3 keys of a world class forehand with the least wasted motion.

The Federer and Nadal Forehand Backswing - Learn the “closed racket face” position in the backswing and how this one element can lead to a more powerful topspin forehand. Pros like Federer, Nadal and Mardy Fish use this technique.

The Pro “ATP” Forehand Backswing - We'll teach you how to position the tip of the racket so that your backswing flows smoothly from start to finish.

Learn the Pro Backswings - We'’ll teach you the different backswings commonly seen in a pro forehand, and the remarkable commonalities in a pro forehand that often go unnoticed by tennis coaches, media and tennis analysts alike.


Forehand Swing and Contact

Heavy Topspin Forehand - See and visualize the correct swing path to generate the topspin forehand that you’ve always struggled with. 

Load and Explode Technique - Today’s modern tennis is about hitting off open and semi open stances. I’ll show you how to use these stances and to properly sync your body to “load and explode” into the shot.

Gravity Drop Downswing - We'll teach you how to use the gravity drop to set your swing to automatically lower beneath the level of the ball allowing you to swing from low to high to add topspin and net clearance.

Maximizing the Stretch Shorthening Cycle - The stretch shorthening cycle is one of the key techniques that will help you slingshot your forehand to the next level. Learn how this to add power and topspin on your forehand. Top players such as federer and nadal use this technique. 

Double Bend Forehand Technique - Learn some of the common misconceptions about the double bend hitting arm position on the forehand, and learn the right way to use this to obtain a more consistent stroke.

Rubber Band Wrist Effect - Learn and absorb how every pro forehand includes this element of a rubber band right before contact to increase racket head speed and topspin. Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are just a few examples of players that use this technique.

Laid Back Wrist At Contact - Top pro forehands utilize a laid back wrist at contact. Learn the reference points you need to adapt the correct “passive wrist release”.



Modern Forehand Follow Through

How to Achieve Full Body Rotation - In the modern forehand, the upper body rotation does not stop after contact. Learn what you need to do to achieve a full rotation of the upper/lower body to maximize your forehand shot.

The Windshield Wiper Forehand - Discover how you can incorporate the windshield wiper forehand follow through into your stroke to produce a shot with massive topspin. See what mistakes most tennis players make in using this technique and how you can immediately improve your racket head speed and spin using this technique.

Adding Rotation to Your Forehand - Learn the secrets behind using the kinetic chain in the modern forehand to hit a more powerful forehand.

Cleaning the Window Pane” & Rainbow Analogy - This follow through analogy will help you visualize the correct swing path on the follow through, so you can understand the modern windshield wiper technique without the trial and error.

Reverse Follow Through - Learn the “buggy whip” forehand follow through and how this technique can be used to generate heavy topspin or get yourself out of defensive situations during a point. Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova are most notable for using this forehand variation.


And More!

We’ve just touched the cusp of what you’ll learn in massive 100 page Modern Forehand Unlocked eBook, based on years and years of study of top professional players, observation of the game and lessons from top developmental coaches, USTA High Performance Coaches, former professional tennis players, and the countless teaching pros across the United States.

We’ve filtered out the good from the bad in tennis instruction and give you access to it all in Modern Forehand Unlocked. 


Get Instant Access for Only $39.