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Learn From the Greatest Minds the Game Has Ever Known

Struggling to find your game? Can’t quite figure out what is going wrong in matches and don’t know how to fix it on the practice court?

Tennis can be one of the most frustrating sports in the world to play, believe me we understand.

How would you like some help from 4 coaches who have won 90 Grand Slam Titles?
Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Fred Stolle and Roy Emerson…

Plus get 100 videos of instruction from 20 of the Best Online Instructors in the world.
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Check out the Most Comprehensive Training Course on the Planet in 2015. Taught by Grand Slam Champions and the Best Online Coaches in the World…


Peter Freeman

Pete has coached college players, national champions, and been named USTA Georgia Pro of the year. Recently he made a video course with legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.

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What’s Inside this Legendary Course?

40 Videos from the Legends. You will find yourself wanting to watch these videos over and over again.

60 Plus Videos from Elite Professional Peter Freeman covering doubles drills, warm up drills, doubles return of serve drills and instruction, on court hitting conditioning drills, point analysis, and slow motion technical analysis

100 Videos From the best coaches in the world: Learn the serve, volley, forehand, backhand, and mental training from:

  • Tennis One (Featuring Tim Mayotte, Ken Flach, Doug King, Pat Dougherty, Jim McLennan, Ken Dehart, Doug Eng, Michael McDowell, and Christopher Delavaut)
  • Simon and Alex from Top-Tennis Training,
  • The Tennis Vault with Coach Kyril and Coach Mauro,
  • Cosmin Miholca from Webtennis24.com,
  • Kevin Garlington, Total Tennis Domination
  • Brent Abel from Web Tennis,
  • Clay Ballard, Top Speed Tennis

What You Will Learn from the Legends?

John Newcombe – Legendary Match and Practice Strategies

  • Learn to think differently…understand the difference between what a rec player vs. a grand slam champion chooses to focus on in practice and match play.
  • Learn how to schedule out your season so you peak at the right times of the year. Did you know all pros plan to peak at certain times of the year? This is called Periodization, it is a process to which you chunk your season into 4 phases. The last phase is the competition phase, and the pros know how to peak at the most important moments. An athlete can only peak 5 to 6 times per year so this is a super important concept to master if you want to reach that next level.
  • Learn how to properly analyze all your matches. Newk said he would always find a quiet place immediately after a match so he could analyze what just happened. We provide you with Newk’s Match Cheat Sheet so you know exactly what to evaluate and what steps to take after each match.
  • Probe for your opponents weakness and develop a game plan before the match even starts. Newk takes us on court and shows us his secret formula for evaluating his opponents game and how he formulated a winning strategy.

Rod Laver – Achieving Tennis Greatness

  • Learn what made Rod Laver great. Rod tells us what the key components are to developing a great tennis player.
  • Learn to Practice like a grand slam champion. There was one drill in particular all the legends claim was their favorite drill for getting in top shape and developing all the shots in the book. We thought is was such a valuable drill that we added 8 different versions of it.
  • Learn the keys to playing your best tennis under pressure. Rod was a master at this, and he shares his insider secrets with you.
  • How to prepare for greatness by practicing winning habits. Rod’s coach Charlie Hollis even improved Rod’s game in a fishing boat. Classic story.

Roy Emerson – Legendary Doubles Lessons

Become a Doubles Master with Roy Emerson. Roy won 16 Doubles grand slams and he shares with us his valuable insights on court positioning, best spots to place the ball, how to communicate with your partner, and unlocks a valuable tactic that works particularly well when you fall behind in a match.
 We loved Roy’s insights so much that we added another 15 videos dedicated to doubles drills and strategy:
  • Warm Up Drills to hit the court warm, and sharp.
  • Return drills so you never miss a return…like Roy emphasized.
  • Hot seat volley exercises so you don’t feel like a sitting duck at the net.
  • Learn how to add two shots to you game most rec players struggle with but rarely practice correctly.

Fred Stolle – Master Technique

Fred Stolle helps us improve the most important shot in the game. Fred works with top international junior players and analyzes their serve.
You will learn tricks and tips on:
  • Developing a consistent toss
  • How to get to the net faster when you have lost a step or two
  • How to add a nasty slice to your serve
  • How to add power
  • Different stance options that will make it easier to serve
  • Also find 30 additional videos on the serve with Pete’s Serving A to Z Course
  • Plus we break down video analysis on stroke production featuring our rock star international players.

Skeptical these legends can help transform your game?

Take a listen to players who gladly pay $5,000 a year to get trained by the Legends?


 Still want more?

How about 100 additional videos from 20 of the best online coaches in the world?

Tennis One is providing an outrageous course on the Serve and Volley. It has an all star cast of coaches: Featuring Tim Mayotte, Ken Flach, Doug King, Pat Dougherty, Jim McLennan, Ken Dehart, Doug Eng, Michael McDowell, and Christopher Delavaut.Tennis One has been around since 1996 and has helped thousands of recreational players all over the world.Value of $160 Yours Free.

Top Tennis Training with Alex and Simon are providing power instruction on the Forehand and Backhand.Alex competed in 5 Grand Slams including US Open, Wimbledon and Aus Open
Played matches against the Bryan Brothers at Wimbledon and Andy Murray.Simon played on the ITF Futures Circuit competing all over Europe.These guys are fantastic and have over 18k subscribers on Youtube.

Coach Kryil and Coach Mauro from the Tennis Vault are some of the very best coaches online. They take you step by step on volley fundamentals. This is a very detailed course on how to become a volley master. These guys have over 19k subscribers on Youtube. Course Value $47 Yours Free.

 Cosmin Miholca of WebTennis24.com and WebTennisDrills.com has a very generous gift for all you tennis lovers. Videos highlighting how to practice with a ball machine that will improve your variety of shots in match play, how to hit a short ball aggressively, 5 winning Singles Strategies, and he also shows you how to teach your little one to start adding spin to the serve.Cosmin has members to his site from all over the world. You will like him.

Kevin Garlington is the creator of the Forehand Domination System, Serve Domination System and Totaltennisgame.com and is one of the lead pros at The Grand Health & Racquet Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has been recognized by the USTA as one of the top training facilities in the US. He is chipping in with over 40 videos on the forehand, serve, and mental tactics.He has over 6.5 k subscribers on Youtube and is just fantastic. A $97 value Yours Free.

Brent Abel from Web Tennis is going to get your doubles game flowing with his expert instruction. In his instruction he is going to show us how to master tough shots on the practice courts so we can shine in our matches. Brent has won several national Gold Balls and has 8 Million Views on Youtube.

Clay Ballard from Top Speed Tennis is going to share his wrecking ball technique to increase power and spin on your forehand.Clay is an amazing coach and has been burning up Youtube with over 7k subscribers.His bonus comes in at a $37 value yours free.

The Verdict Is In!!! Video and Written Reviews on Legends Guide to Tennis Mastery…


JR here 5.0 player from sunny california giving a review on The Legends Course. First and formost, I just want to say straight up that learning is a never ending journey. I have been playing tennis since a little child and love playing, teaching and perfecting my techniques. I have always been a little skeptical about taking online courses, but with a such a high caliber on the instructors, I decided to give The Legends a try. This is by far the richest course on content I have ever seen. With Laver, Newks, Emerson, Stolle all together, there is absolutely no way to go wrong. This course is full of extraordinary tips on every aspect of tennis; from mind, to serve, return, warm up, strategies and much more. I just can’t pin point to any particular section that I liked the most. The interview with each legend is phenomenal, how they prepare for big games, mental toughness, how to get a feel for your opponent on the warm up, how not to let your subconcient mind play tricks with you, I certainly recommend this course to anyone of any level.

Julian Ricci5.0 Tennis Player, California

Are you serious?! Who could have orchestrated this collection of videos with these legendary players and other world class coaches? I find it almost surreal watching Laver, Newcombe, Emerson and Stolle on the court teaching timeless, classic, fundamental, effective technique, mental and philosophical lessons. These guys are humble, super-intelligent, super-knowledgeable, super-heroes of tennis. I may sound a bit giddy about this product, yet I have smiled, shaken my head and marveled at the watching these guys. The video quality is excellent and the instructional content is rock solid. The tips and lessons are straight forward, effective and entertaining to watch —- it’s actually been a delight to watch the “Legends” in this phenomenal series. The additional content and top-notch instruction from other current world class coaches is a great addition and huge bonus to the whole package. In just the first several videos I feel like I have received more than my money’s worth. I have no doubt that my game and my son’s game will improve significantly from these videos and I will have the images and voices of the Legends in my mind when applying what I have learned. Thank you for this fabulous production and timeless piece of work!

Scott Johnson3.5 Player, Georgia

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