Tennis Footwork – Tennis Tips and Tennis Footwork Drills

Tennis Tips and Tennis Footwork Drills

Tennis footwork is crucial in improving your tennis game. Tennis tips are key in understanding the tennis footwork.

What is tennis footwork?


Tennis footwork is a new concept that has increased in popularity in the modern game of tennis. Tennis players in the new era are now hitting the tennis ball harder than ever before and the footwork in tennis must be perfected in order to maximize the full potential of the tennis player. As we see on the pro tour for both the men and women, movement is a large part of the game of tennis.

Tennis Footwork Drills and Exercises

Recreational and club players can also benefit from tennis footwork drills and excersises. Since most club players spend little or no time working on tennis footwork, even a small amount of practice time in this area can pay huge dividends. Think about how much of an edge you can get over your opponents if you are able to see and react to the tennis ball even a few seconds sooner. A few seconds can mean the difference between hitting a neutral shot and an aggressive shot to finish the point.

Tennis Footwork Explained

Tennis footwork relates to how a tennis player moves on the court and the specific tennis techniques involved in the footwork in tennis. Top professional players move seamlessly from one tennis ball to the next, and their graceful movement is in large part due to their tennis footwork moves.

What are the qualities of good tennis footwork?

When you watch professional tennis players with great tennis footwork, it’s easy to see how smooth and effectively they move around the tennis court.

Great tennis footwork is efficient.

Tennis footwork must be explosive. The idea behind tennis footwork is to get load and get behind the line of the shot. A load and explode technique may be used to impact additional topspin and pace.

Tennis Footwork Tips

The first tennis tip on tennis footwork is establishing an athletic base. This athletic base is key in tennis. The athletic base consists of the initial split step when the opponent makes contact with the tennis ball. All pro players establish a good wide base, with the feet spread at least shoulder width apart. At the same time, the player must lower their center of gravity. This center of gravity stays constant throughout.
The second tennis tip is to use efficient tennis footwork. This means that adjustment steps must be taken when necessary, and big steps when you are rushed for time. Smaller steps are appropriate when you have time to make last minute adjustments to your footwork. These smaller steps allow you to balance yourself better in relation to the incoming ball. Tennis players with great tennis footwork

Rafael Nadal’s Tennis Footwork

Rafael Nadal has the best tennis footwork on tour because of his smooth and efficient footwork Roger Federer’s footwork is another addition to his world class tennis technique due to the large amount of time he spends working on his tennis footwork movement.
Tennis footwork drills can also serve to enhance the ability of the tennis player to react faster and move quicker during real match play. These tennis drills are simulations of situations that occur during live point play.
Speaking of pro tennis footwork, it’s notable that Rafael Nadal among other top pros are preparing to compete in the 2015 Australian Open. It’s clear that high level footwork is a necessity for players at all levels of the game.

March 10, 2015