The Tennis Serve Unleashed eBook 
Techniques to Transform Your Serve

Are you sick and tired of losing your service games due to a weak serve?

Does your opponent seem to punish your serve every single time you serve?

Are you frustrated by the lack of power, spin or placement of your current tennis serve?

Do you wish that there was a way you could improve your tennis serve so that you can win more matches?

Tennis Serve Unleashed and its powerful tennis serve tips can transform your serve. Guaranteed. 

Is It Right for Me?   

Do you need to improve your tennis serve?

  • You’ll learn how to serve like the pros without painful trial and error, which eventually leads to days or weeks of frustration with your tennis.
  • A great tennis serve can make a vast difference between winning or losing to an opponent. The serve is one of the biggest shots in tennis so it is essential to improve your serve no matter what your level is. Tennis Serve Unleashed is designed for all players whether you are at the club, collegiate or even coach level.
  • Tennis Serve Unleashed covers everything you need on how to serve in tennis. You’ll learn the proper tennis serve technique, strategy, methology, tactics with unique tennis serve tips that will  pay huge dividends to your tennis game.
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How Our Method Works   

This 55 page tennis eBook is loaded with tennis serve lessons that reveal the secrets of tennis serve technique that were learned over years and years of receiving tennis instruction from tennis coaches across the United States.

  • Step-by-Step Breakdowns - We cover everything from the preparation, the serve grip, serve toss, the wind-up all the way to the follow through. Every phase of the serve is carefully explained with photos along the way.
  • Frame-by-Frame Pictures - You will learn the exact tennis motions through the constant comparison of our teaching methods with visuals of top players in action. We never teach anything that can’t be shown in photos. You’ll see plenty of high quality photos of top pros in action performing their serves.
  • In-Depth Analysis - Learn how you can immediately increase your tennis serve speed by applying concepts of technique in serving that is responsible for why the pros can hit fast serves like the explosion of a rocket. We demonstrate the exact technical movements and illustrate it through the strokes of top pros on tour.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee - If it doesn't work for you, no problem, your purchase is risk free. Give it a shot!
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You will be provided with tennis serve tips and instruction throughout Tennis Serve Unleashed, with easy to understand lessons on the tennis serve. We’ve designed this tennis eBook so that players at any level can easily understand the tennis serve techniques presented. 

Using high definition photos of professional tennis players, we make every single part of the tennis serve clear and simple to understand. Along with the written lessons on tennis serve technique, you will have crystal clear visuals so you can understand the proper techniques.

Don’t wait any longer before you start playing the best tennis of your life. Find out how the unique tennis lessons can dramatically improve your serve and allow you to win matches you have never thought you could win.


Learn World Class Serve Techniques

We explain the tennis serve in precise detail so you can achieve a rock solid tennis serve. Learn what top tennis pros are doing today on their serve and how to hit more powerful serves to strike fear into your future opponents.

Develop More Tennis Serve Speed - Hitting an aggressive serve is impossible without the right technique. We’ll show you the exact tennis serve techniques that the pros use to hit their serve that you can emulate to produce a faster serve. 

How to Hit a More Accurate Tennis Serve - Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are just a few of your favorite tennis stars that we analyze inside the Tennis Serve Unleashed Ebook. We'’ll show you how the commonalities in their serve can be applied into your own serve, no matter what level you are at.


Serve Preparation

The James Blake Serve Toss - If you can correct your toss, you will increase the consistency of your entire tennis serve motion. You’ll see exactly how.

The Power Line Position - The serve Is a kinetic energy chain. Learn how to transfer your energy properly to maximize your tennis serve speed.

Body Coil Technique - We'll teach you how to develop an explosive tennis serve that will have your opponents wondering what hit them.

The Platform and Pinpoint Stance - Learn the two most powerful stances for the serve and find out how you can develop a more explosive knee bend.


Serve Techniques

Trophy Position - We’ll teach you one big concept that will drastically increase the power and spin on your serve. Incorporating this one element will get you much closer to achieving that monster tennis serve.

The Baseball Pitch Analogy - Learn exactly how you can apply the same concepts of the throwing motion into your serve.

The Seesaw Motion - See exactly why the upward swing on the serve is a seesaw. You’ll learn this technique that is responsible for adding more torque to your tennis serve. This translates to more racket head speed, leaving your future opponents squirming for cover.

The Racket Drop Position - Discover how you can incorporate the racket drop into your serve to boost the efficiency of your serve.

Construct a Kick Serve - Have you always wanted to hit the topspin tennis serve but your serve always lacked the heavy spin? Or maybe your kick serve is a just a floater? We will teach you the body orientation for the kick serve necessary to produce the heavy topspin serve.

Learn Pronation on the Tennis Serve - Achieve maximum power on your serve by hitting up on the ball correctly.


Serve Drills

In-Depth Tennis Serve Drills - We've included tennis serve drills that can be performed alone or with a partner.

“Statue Of Liberty” - The Statue of Liberty isn’t just a statue in New York. Pro servers use this drill to warm-up and refine their serve.

Unleash Your Tennis Serve - We’ll show you the keys to developing a fluid and efficient serve motion that you can rely on under pressure. 


And More!

We’ve just touched the cusp of what you’ll learn in our comprehensive 55 page Tennis Serve Unleashed eBook, based on years and years of study of top professional players, observation of the game and lessons from top developmental coaches, USTA High Performance Coaches, former professional tennis players, and the countless teaching pros across the United States.

We’ve filtered out the good from the bad in tennis instruction and give you access to it all in Tennis Serve Unleashed. 


Get Instant Access for Only $37.