Tennis Serve – The Tennis Serve Technique

On the tennis serve, what are the most important elements of this tennis stroke technique, and how can a player model the best tennis serve techniques?

On the tennis serve, what are the elements of tennis technique that are most important in this tennis stroke, and what can an average player learn from modeling the best tennis serve technique in the world?

What kind of guides or teaching aids would enhance the ability of your students to improve their tennis serve? The serve in tennis is one of the most important tennis strokes to master, because it is what starts the point (hopefully in your favor)

A weak tennis serve will most definitely be a liability on a tennis player’s own service games. At the pro levels, holding serve is taken for granted – but at the recreational and club levels this is often not so. This is because professional tennis players normally always have strong serves, and this is due to no other than having technically sound tennis technique.

Tennis Serve Technique Qualities

The tennis serve technique may be one of the most complex motions to master, second only to the forehand. It involves many variables and no one tennis player has exactly the same swing. It’s key to remember that even though the swing shape on the tennis serve for most tennis player will be different, one must adhere to certain commonalities in tennis serve technique in order to achieve the maximum power and efficiency that tennis players are looking for at all levels of the game.

What are the commonalities of proper tennis serve technique?

The grip on the tennis serve is primarily the continental grip. This places the hand and racket at a optimal position for the serve and allows a player to properly hit up and pronate. Any other tennis serve grip would only be detrimental. technique.

Second, having a small ritual prior to the serve is beneficial to set the stance and intiate the serve motion itself. Some players such as in Andy Roddick’s serve may begin the serve with only one or two bounces on the court, while others like Novak Djokovic may bounce the ball five or six or ten times prior to beginning the serve. This is a matter of personal preference.

Third, the weight transfer on the tennis serve is important. Tennis serve technique involves having the player stand on the baseline, with the weight evenly spread amongst the feet, or in some cases slightly forward or backwards. As the motion begins, all the players usually shift their weight forward into the court.

Fourth, the serve tennis technique is hallmarked by having a fluid, relaxed motion. Rushing or any tension in the tennis technique will only result in a poor and weak serve.

Common problems in tennis serve technique


A common tennis serve technique problem among club players is having an inadequate racket drop on the serve. This is called external rotation.

A pitcher, or a quarterback or in any other throwing sports understand that – – the arm must flex backwards and down prior to the release of the ball or in this case the tennis serve.

Tennis Serve Technique PitchPete Sampras Serve

Notice the similarities between the players in both sports. The baseball pitcher must cock his hand and arm back into the loaded position which is similar to how Pete Sampras and the majority of top professional servers. From this position, it allows the tennis player to achieve maximum power and spin. This is just one of the elements of the tennis serve technique.

A common problem among some tennis players is the issue of having a “waiter’s tray” serve where the racket simply doesn’t drop beneath to achieve the maximum stretch, due to faulty tennis technique, improper grip or lack of shoulder and arm strength.

Learn the Tennis Serve Technique

The racket drop position is key to achieving a maximum drive upwards toward the ball. Think of it as making space for the racket to accelerate.

Tennis Serve Technique

A second common problem among tennis serve technique for club players is often the lack of body incorporated into the serve. It’s impossible to have a powerful serve without first making sure to load the core and maximize the shoulder turn.

The tennis serve can be a difficult motion to master, but if a tennis player spends time learning the proper technique in the tennis serve, learning to serve properly will be less of an issue and you may even be on the path to achieving your ideal tennis serve technique.

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March 11, 2015