Tennis Tip: What Roger Federer Does Under Pressure

Murphy Jensen explains what Roger Federer shared that he is thinking and doing under pressure and how you can do the same to regain control of a match.

Peter Freeman

Pete has coached college players, national champions, and been named USTA Georgia Pro of the year. Recently he made a video course with legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.

Murphy Jensen is an American professional tennis player, French Open doubles champion and achieved a doubles ranking of top 20 in the world doubles ranking.

Murphy explains what Roger Federer shared that he is thinking and doing under pressure. This is simple tennis tip to come back to when things start to come apart during a match that every player can identify with and utilize to get back in the game.

Peter Freeman: Hey, this is Pete from Crunchtime Coaching, we’re here with Murphy Jensen and he’s got the elixir of tennis success. Take it away Murphy.

Murphy Jensen: The three principles of tennis success are consistency, placement and then power. Too often the amateur or the recreational player will equate a successful shot with a powerful shot. But at the end of the day the player that wins the Grand Slams is the player that puts the more balls over the net in the box. And how do you do that?

Peter: How do you do it?

Murphy: You keep it simple! One thing Roger Federer once told me is, he says, “Murphy when I start getting in trouble and making a lot of errors, I slow down. Not only between points but the actual stroke.”

And if you look at Roger Federer’s game, it looks like, and people say, he’s hitting in slow motion. Think about that. And he says, “I slow down”.

So if you slow down as opposed to thinking you’re hitting a powerful shot, that third principle just from racket head speed and torque and all that stuff, what’s going to happen is you’re going to end up making a lot of mistakes, you’re going beat yourself and you’re going be a failure on the tennis court.

With that said tennis is a very simple game played by very complicated people like you sitting on your coach. You’re not a couch potato, you’re a tennis potato, so keep it simple and slow it down.

Pete: Alright guys, keep it simple and slow it down. Take it from Murphy, he knows what he’s talking about.

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June 24, 2015