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What often seperates great tennis players from average tennis players is tennis technique and footwork. Many tennis players struggle every day making the same mistakes and errors all the time on the tennis court, but rarely ever manage to improve their tennis.

It wasn’t until I analyzed and researched slow motion videos of top tennis pros did I reach some surprising discoveries.

I was stunned when I found out that top professional players on the ATP and WTA Tour all share commonalities in their tennis strokes, footwork and technique.

A tennis player that aspires to play better tennis must follow the necessary product of tennis training, the proper tennis instruction and inborn abilities. They must also learn tennis skills like physical, mental and emotional skills.

I’ve compiled a series of tennis instruction covering every aspect of the game of tennis.

You’ll Learn:

  • Tennis Technique that will immediately improve power on the forehand, backhand and serve
  • Tennis Instruction for players beginner to advanced that will accelerate results on the tennis court
  • How to play tennis like the PROS
  • Revolutionary tennis lessons that are rarely ever taught at the club and recreational level.
  • Tennis Tips and drills for every part of the game
  • And much more – everything related to tennis instruction…

Optimum Tennis Ebooks

For players, tennis success comes not just from practice but from play. The players have to train hard, work on techniques and specific movements, and put it all into practice where it counts on the court.

As the popularity of professional tennis grows, players at all levels of the game want to know how to play like the pros.

If you want to improve your tennis in the quickest and easiest way, then check out these tennis ebooks. These two tennis ebooks have been created for every tennis player in mind, and I guarantee that you can benefit from it.

optimum-tennis-ebook-cover tennis-serve-unleashed-cover modern-forehand-unlocked-cover
Optimum Tennis Ebook  Tennis Serve Unleashed Ebook  Modern Tennis Forehand Unlocked


Optimum Tennis Home

The Optimum Tennis Ebook – Improve your Tennis Forehand, Backhand and Serve
For the fraction of a lesson with a teaching pro, you can own the tennis Ebook that will immediately result in improvements to your tennis game.

Tennis Serve Unleashed Ebook – Tennis Serve Techniques and Tips To Improve Tennis Serve
Tennis Serve Techniques That Will Drastically Improve Tennis Serve Quickly and Easily. These Powerful Tennis Serve Tips Can Transform Your Serve.

Tennis Instruction – Online Articles
Tennis Lessons on the Forehand, Backhand and Serve technique, tennis footwork, strategy and the mental game

Tennis Videos
Tennis videos of pro strokes (Roger Federer practice, Marat Safin, Justine Henin Hardenne, etc…)

Tennis Technique – The Forehand, Backhand and Serve Technique
Tennis Technique is crucial for every player on the tennis Forehand, Backhand and Serve. Top professional tennis players have tennis technique that is explosive, efficient and adaptable.

Want to Play Better Tennis?
Tennis players at all levels can play better tennis and benefit from these tennis tips that will show you how to play better tennis.

Tennis Tips and Instruction – A Tennis Tip for the Forehand, Backhand and Serve
Tennis Tips are essential for a tennis player to improve. The right tennis tip can make the difference between a breakthrough and staying at the same level.

Tennis Drills – Practice a tennis drill to Improve Tennis
Tennis Drills encompass the four main areas of tennis: Technical, Physical, Strategy and Mental. Here you will find a tennis drill for beginners and advanced players alike.

Advanced Tennis
Advanced tennis is a product of technique, strategy, and the proper instruction. An advanced tennis player must possess mental, physical and technical strength to achieve world class tennis.

How to Play Tennis
How to play tennis is a new skill that has to be developed with the proper practice. A solid understanding of how to play tennis is necessary to acquire the skill set needed for tennis.

Tennis For Beginners
Tennis for Beginners is a learning process that takes time for the tennis technique and tactics to fully develop for a tennis beginner.

Tennis Strategy and Tactics – Advanced Tennis Strategies
You’ll learn tennis strategy and tennis tactics right here. If you incorporate them into your game, you’ll find you’re a more able contender on the court.

Mental Tennis – Secrets of Mental Tennis Toughness
Mental tennis is a major part of every world class tennis player’s repertoire. The secret to developing mental tennis toughness is examining the factors that effect the mind during a competitive match.

Tennis Footwork – Foundation of Footwork for Tennis
Efficient and explosive tennis footwork underscores a good game while slow and lazy footwork will not allow you to win tennis matches. Proper tennis footwork can help you cover more court, and prepare for the next return.

Tennis Training – Developing a World Class Tennis Training Program
At every elite tennis academy around the world, players are constantly undergoing tennis training. Often times, the tennis training is highly specific in the areas of mental, physical and technical training.

Using Tennis Video Analysis to Learn Pro Tennis Strokes
Tennis Analysis of pro tennis strokes have been used to learn and understand the pro tennis strokes of players in modern tennis. Using tennis video analysis, coaches and players alike are able to see the small differences in tennis technique that are present in the tennis strokes of players at the professional level.