Tennis Footwork Drills – Improve Tennis Footwork

Tennis footwork can make the difference between winning a tennis match and losing. As a tennis player, it’s important to learn tennis footwork drills in order to gain a competitive edge over your opponents. Learn what tennis footwork is, and watch tennis footwork videos demonstrating some unique tennis footwork drills you can incorporate into your training regimen.

Tennis Footwork Drills


Tennis footwork drills are a relatively new innovation in modern tennis. Tennis players today are recognizing that in order to gain an edge over their opponents, they must increase their tennis footwork speed by working on footwork drills. This is not just reserved for professional tennis players. Even club and recreational tennis players can benefit from tennis footwork drills performed by the pros.

In the past, tennis footwork was of less importance. The emphasis was getting to the net, or serve and volley. The only footwork needed was at the net. Today, however players are incorporating tennis footwork drills into their training. The modern game of tennis has become predominantly an aggressive baseline game. Tennis players at all levels must now work on tennis footwork in order to enhance their level of play.

Tennis Footwork Drills – The Purpose

Tennis footwork drills can serve to improve a tennis player’s speed, stamina, agility and fitness. Movement is of higher importance than ever. We see pros like Roger Federer’s tennis footwork is impeccable. Some television commentators have called his tennis footwork “smooth as silk, like a cat.”

Tennis Footwork for Modern Tennis

As a competitive tennis player, tennis footwork drills must rank higher in importance than ever before. At the pro levels, tennis footwork drills are performed everyday in their training. Most have personal trainers to work on their footwork drills.

Watch this tennis footwork drill Video

Marat Safin demonstrates a great tennis footwork drill that involves shadow swinging a tennis forehand and backhand while working on lateral movement. This tennis drill is performed in three sets and can be done along with a partner. It’s a great footwork drill for anybody wanting to practice their lateral movement.

Great tennis footwork drill

A great tennis footwork drill is called the 55 ball drill and push ups. This is a very high intensive footwork drill that will increase stamina and cardiovascular strength. The tennis footwork must be fast and explosive as the player shuffles side to side to hit the ball. The tennis drill is done by having a tennis coach or partner feed tennis balls from a cart, a total of 55 balls side to side. The tennis footwork involves having the player recover to the center of the court after every ball. A good tennis footwork tip is to make sure the player hits every ball and recovers fully back to the center in anticipation of the next shot. This simulates real match play.

The final part of the tennis footwork drill is have the tennis player do 25 push-ups directly after the completion of the drill.

Tennis Footwork Drills: A conclusion

Hopefully you’ve learned a few tennis tips that will assist you in developing more fluid, efficient and effective tennis footwork. As you continue to practice these tennis footwork drills, you may get closer to emulating the tennis footwork of the pros.

March 10, 2015