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You’ll learn tennis strategy and tennis tactics right here. If you incorporate them into your game, you’ll find you’re a more able contender on the court.

tennis-strategyNeed to learn some tennis strategy to enhance your strengths and exploit your opponents’ weaknesses? Need to learn some tennis tactics to achieve your tennis strategies? Read on!

The best players not only possess excellent technique, they master tennis strategy with advanced tactical solutions. Their tennis strategy and tactics allow them to deal with any situation, adapting their style of play so that they are successful.

What do those with advanced tennis strategy and tennis tactics know?

Firstly, they know their style of game, what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are, and how to best utilize both. That is, masters of tennis strategies and tennis tactics know their game and how to impose it on their opponents. And, by observing their opponent during warm-up, they quickly become aware of his or her style of play, and his or her tennis strategies.

Advanced tennis players look for weaknesses in their opponent’s technique, movement, weight transfer, and reaction time. Those with advanced tennis strategies and tennis tactics observe what shots their opponent prefers. And those with advanced tennis strategies and tennis tactics quickly realize the mental characteristics of their opponent — whether he or she is overly self-confident and self-assertive or uncertain and lacking confidence, et cetera.

The above information is gleaned during warm-up and the first few minutes of play, and a tactical plan for advancing tennis strategies is formed; much more information is gathered throughout the game, and the tactics for advancing tennis strategies are refined.

Win More Points

The best tennis strategy are similar to those of any sport: win more points and lose fewer points. But what tennis tactics support a tennis strategy of winning more points? Use the knowledge you’ve gained by observing your opponent. For instance, you’ve observed which is your opponent’s weaker side. Now attack this weaker side with serves, returns, and ground strokes. Force your opponent to use this weaker side; and play faster shots to that side, giving your opponent less time to react. Use variations of height, spin, and speed to disrupt your opponent’s timing.

Observing Weaknesses is Key

If your opponent is tall, land the ball low, forcing him or her to bend. If your opponent appears out-of-shape or slow, force him or her to run from side-to-side or from shallow-to-deep and back again. A full array of tactics can be applied to most game situations, allowing you to outplay your opponent, thus winning more points. Perhaps, for example, among your tennis strategy to win more points is to play aggressively from the baseline.

Differing tactics may be used to achieve this secondary strategy: you may strike balls on the rise to put pressure on your opponent; or you may use as many inside out forehands as possible. Or, if for example, your opponent is uncomfortable at the net, you can hit short, then lob or you can make your opponent volley.

Remember to remain flexible and resilient throughout your match; if a stroke is not working, don’t stubbornly keep trying it to support your tennis strategies even though it’s obviously “off”. And, against all of your opponents, it’s essential to disguise your strokes and vary your placements; deception is important to your tennis strategies, more important even — at times — than sheer power or technique is to supporting your tennis tactic.

Make Fewer Errors

And what tennis tactics support tennis tactics of losing fewer points? Remember, your opponent is trying to outplay you as well, that’s among his or her tennis strategy, so you need to neutralize his or her attacking game. You’ll thus lose fewer points while winning more points since — unlike in sports like soccer or basketball — tennis scoring always gives someone a point.

Firstly, always play to your strengths until your opponent forces you to do otherwise. But let’s say your opponent — to support his or her tennis strategies — is challenging your weaker side; how do you neutralize this attack? Use your weaker shot to stay in the rally. Your tennis strategy and tennis tactics here are not to win more points, but to lose fewer points.

Then, once losing fewer points, you can use intelligent tactics to win more points, one of your two tennis strategy. Try to use your weaker shot to challenge your opponent’s weaker side — then finish the point with your strong shot, likely a forehand, approach shot, or volley. Do this by using your weaker shot to keep your opponent away from the sidelines and baseline; move him or her to the net and lob, or make him or her play a volley on his or her weaker side. This will hinder your opponent’s tennis strategy.

Add Variety

You can also surprise your opponent with a moon ball or drop shot. Then, when you’ve set up a short, weak ball, attack with your strong shot, that forehand, approach shot, or volley. Do not take unnecessary risks thus making unnecessary errors and losing a point — this does not support your tennis strategy; play to stay in the point until that opportunity arises to win a point. Those who are less savvy with their tennis strategies and tennis tactics often try to hit offensive shots to win a point from positions on the court where they should try to hit defensive shots to lose fewer points.

Your opponent may also serve to your weaker side — to support his or her tennis strategies, forcing mistakes or weak returns. What tennis tactics support your tennis strategies of losing fewer points now? Move back as far as possible, giving your self enough time to judge the ball and make good contact. Keep defending with varied shots — whether low slices, slow balls, or even moon balls — discovering what neutralizes your opponent’s swing.

Try a high topspin, pushing your opponent farther and farther behind the baseline. Hit a deep but also penetrating shot by striking the ball when it is still rising after it has bounced. It’s difficult for your opponent to attack from this position; you’ll either gain points from unforced errors or your opponent, in moving back, will no longer be able to attack, frustrating his or her tennis strategies.

Play straight down the middle to take the angles away from your opponent. Or, if your backhand is your weak shot, which is often the case, play a down-the-line backhand, forcing your opponent to change his attack to a cross-court shot, which then comes to your forehand. Finally, if absolutely necessary, simplify your strokes, just blocking the ball but improving consistency.

Reacting to the Opponent’s Shot

Now let’s say your opponent is using variations of spin, speed, or height to disrupt your timing — how do you neutralize this attack? Again, your tennis tactics here are not to win more points, but to lose fewer points. Read the ball. Those who are masters at tennis strategies and tennis tactics do this well, observing shots carefully, quickly reading the height, spin, and trajectory.

It’s also important to know what is your best return on various shots. Again, those with advanced tennis strategies and tennis tactics know their style of game — that is, what their strengths are and how to best utilize them. Often, if you receive a low slice, you want to return a low slice, and if your receive a high ball, you want to return a high ball.

And if your opponent serves and volleys on first serves — another tactic to support his or her tennis strategy; how do you neutralize this attack? You need to force a complicated volley. Either move back, achieving enough time for a forceful swing that returns a fastball; or move inside the court, blocking the ball and landing it at the feet of your opponent; or determine your opponent’s weaker volley and land the ball on that side.

All of the above neutralize your opponent; they are not offensive tennis tactics, but rather that of losing fewer points. Yes, you have to know how to win more points and how to lose fewer points; keep both in mind as you analyze your and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

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